Comprehensive Solutions for Contract Management

Jewel Technology

Jewel Technology is a Healthcare Techonology Company that is producing powerful solutions for the Healthcare Industry.  Jewel has created sophisticated Contract Management software for Healthcare Providers. This software helps the Provider digest a vast amount of contract data and make intelligent decisions regarding their contracting initiatives.

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Collaberative Contract Management

JewelPro is a cloud based Collaborative Contract Management System designed for the Healthcare Provider. The program is available through the web and can be accessed whenever you have a connected device. JewelPro tracks all the Provider Contracts with detail.  JewelPro tracks every aspect of a Provider contract.

The program includes a back end management control center where a skilled administrator enters contract data.  There is also a front end that can be used by management to quickly locate information and create reports necessary to manage contracts.

The power of resources available through this program make JewelPro an essential tool for a Contract Manager.

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Our Technology

Easy. Fast. Secure.

The Jewel applications help manage Provider/Payor contracts in an intelligent and powerful manner.  Jewel programs provide information that helps the provider know what contracts they have, their content and what contracts they need to acquire.   

The applications make it easy to digest the details of the contracts. They assist in contract negotiations, rate assessments, contract renewals, termination notices and marketing.

Jewel applications are the easiest to use and most powerful contract management programs in the Healthcare industry.

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