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Jewel Technology

Jewel Technology was incorporated in June of 2016. Jewel was created by Wendy Black and her colleagues to address issues that Healthcare Providers were encountering in managing the complex Payor contracts.

Wendy Black, principle of Jewel Technology, has more than 20 years’ experience in the Healthcare Industry.  She is well known and respected for her vast knowledge of the industry and her work in Provider Contracting.

The Team wanted to create a program that would include a comprehensive view of contract details in an organized and intelligent way.  Because there is no standard contract format, the logic of the program had to take into consideration the various contract formats.  We also wanted the program to have a back end that had the potential to manage the contract, including rates, ownership, name changes, terminations and credentialing information. 

Jewel also created a front end for the provider management to easily view essential data about all the Payor contracts.  This would include easy to use reporting.

Most of all our Team wanted the program to be virtual and ever growing as the industry changes.  We wanted the data to be available to multiple users who could have relevant information at their fingertips.

With the above demands in mind, the program needed to be affordable. We are excited about Jewel Professional. It is everything we dreamed possible.  Please give us a call to learn more about Jewel Professional and the opportunity to become part of our community. ​