Virtual Contract Management

With great pride Jewel Technology presents JewelPro, the most advanced, thorough Contract Management System in the Healthcare Industry.  Now you can access all your contracts and contract details virtually.  The impact on a Healthcare Facility who depends on well negotiated contracts is significant.  You now will have the opportunity to manage your contracts with a high degree of knowledge and intelligence.

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Jewel Professional

Simple the Most Powerful Provider
Contract Management System


Anywhere Anytime

JewelPro is a virtual online database that allows you to access your contracting information at any time from any location.  This gives your whole team access to information that helps them make intelligent decisions from where ever they are.  JewelPro has a back end where you can enter contract details and a front end where executives can view important contract data in meaningful and intuitive formats.  The availability of data will revolutionize your business.

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The Entire Contract

JewelPro has developed a system that takes into account all types of contracts and can capture the contract detail regarding any Payor contract.  

JewelPro also captures demographic and credentialing information.   The actual contract can be attached and viewed virtually.  Rates and a rate history are available.  Name Changes and Ownership changes are captured with a history.

Rates Management

Power to Negotiate

JewelPro has a module to monitor rates and assess increases and decreases in rates.   It also keeps a historical record of rates.  It has the ability to compare rates across various payors.  You have the ability to note NAMI rates.  You can list inclusions and exclusions. JewelPro can help you know when your rates are due for updates.  This can increase revenue significantly.  With JewelPro no contract will be left behind.

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Adaptive Environment

JewelPro has a unique logic built into the core of the program that can add amendments and they will be reflected in the general contract information.   The ability to have a historical trail to a contract is significant to the Contract Manager.  The ability to know where you are with a Payor is very important.   Lost amendments can cost a lot of money.  JewelPro will eliminate this problem with it’s comprehensive amendment module.  They are easy to enter and integrate into the contract.

Executive Service

Smart and Professional

Time is precious, Timing is essential, Jewel Professional is written with both in mind. 
We have developed a program with a back end where all the administrative work is done.   Contracts are entered and updated on a regular basis. Entity changes are entered or updated.  Rates and Rate updates are managed.
The front end was written with the Executive in mind.  We have developed easy to use tools to research contract questions.  Standard reporting will meet most anyone’s needs.  Custom reporting will always be available to our Professional customers. 
JewelPro is designed to facilitate the needs of the busy Executive.

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Getting Started

The Community

Jewel Technology is a company that believes in the power of community. To join our community, simply give us a call for a free demonstration and to learn more about Jewel's competitive pricing plans.  We have many flexible programs that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.



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