Personal and Powerful

Jewel Light

JewelLite is a personal Healthcare Contract Management program.  It is designed for the Healthcare Contract Manager or Administrator who needs quick access to contract information.   It is a Microsoft Access application and is a very simple, intuitive program.

Jewel Light

JewelLite is a Microsoft Access application designed for the Healthcare Provider Contract Manager.  
JewelLite navigates the relationship between the Payors and Providers.
It is a simple but powerful tool to manage payor contracts


Simple Design, Powerful Tool

JewelLite is very easy to use. It allows you to manage each payor with very little effort.

multiple perspective.jpg

Entities and Contracts

Multiple Perspectives

Jewel Lite gives you multiple ways to view your Payor relationship.  You can view All your contracts with all entities, or a single entity. You can view your contracts by Payor, seeing your entire portfolio. You can compare Payor contracts.  This takes the mystery out of contracting.


Personal and Powerful

JewelLite gives you the ability to make notes on every contract. The notes can be categorized and viewed in reporting. You can view the physical contract or the notes you deem to be important highlights of the contract.



Private, Local or Wide

JewelLite is intended for a single user. The database can be put on a local or a wide area network if the information needs to be shared. Multiple users can then add comments and update information as needed.

Flexibility and Power

Driven by Microsoft Access

The backbone of JewelLite is Microsoft Access.  This means that you have all the power associated with MS Access.  It can be easily modified.  Reports can easily be designed.  This allows you maximum flexibility.